First Impressions on Pokemon GO

(From a Biological Perspective)

So Pokemon GO is kind of awesome. Sure, Niantic is getting the bugs out, but that’s the world we live in today. My only issue with the app is that people seem to lose common sense with it? Please keep your common sense. PLEASE don’t assume that you’re not that rude/distracted to become that person on the news because boy howdy, that leads to a slippery slope of suddenly playing it on the toilet. (Oh wait, that’s happened. ><)

Anyway, I find it really amazing that people are forced to actually go out to historical sites and LEARN about their area. (Or find Jesus/God/A spiritual life, because since Pokemon GO has been a thing my brother has suddenly gained an immense interest in going to every parish in the diocese) I’ll be honest- while at ConnectiCon I learned  about the little areas around Hartford not related to the Revolutionary War and thought they were the COOLEST thing. There was a plaque outside of the Con that marked where one of the last famous Jazz clubs was within the city- as a saxophonist I found that super cool. I am also rapidly learning the actual names of statues and things. That’s helpful for giving directions.

Pokemon wise, the fact that Pokemon come in extra small, normal, and extra large is FANTASTIC. They give you the measurements! And the GPS location of the catch! It’s begging for some kind of population study. Even though I’ve pointed out numerous times that Pokemon and it’s derivatives were NOT DESIGNED BY BIOLOGISTS, it’s still a neat tool to understand actual real life population studies, like my current flounder project.

Magikarp also looks really silly if you try to catch it while walking because it flops around alongside you.

I’m also super excited to get back to running because I have TWELVE eggs that need hatching and currently only one incubator. Hopefully the app will get in touch with the already there pedometer though, because battery life is not it’s strong suit.

All of the above of course, depends on us trainers as a group. Too many people getting injured/mugged/walking into traffic, as well as the intersectional issues (like the one seen in this Jezebel article addressing POC and the danger they face playing the game) is going to give this awesome game and interesting educational tool a bad rep, and I really don’t want that to happen. So be smart, catch those Magikarp, and have fun!


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