Weekly Update (Late)

Hey all!

So I had a slight mixup this weekend and was unable to post- sorry! But, I’ve got my laptop back and I’m excited for Friday and Saturday’s content! So here are my updates:

  1. There’s a Pokemon Go meetup in Middletown, CT on Saturday! Go see ConnectiCon’s post on Facebook for details. I can’t go, but I hope some of you can! Make sure to stay plugged into the non-Pokemon things going on around you as well.
  2. I’ll be camping up in Lakeville, CT watching some awesome machines- as much as I’m a Biologist, I’m very much an engineer at heart and I LOVE to watch cutting-edge cars having fun on a track. I’ll be also handing out some fun facts to those I see playing Pokemon Go!

Here’s the big announcement: in Late August, we’ll be featuring some Full Metal Alchemist content regarding general chemistry thanks to one of my good friends! 

I hope you’re all excited! If you want something explained or featured on this site, please feel free to contact me!



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