Apologies and Promises

So, as much as I’d like to preach about planning and schedules and such;

Life Happens. Very quickly. Very unpredictably. The last few months have been a heck of a roller coaster. New jobs (plural!)(both at the same time), a new vehicle, and a major life reboot have meant that Whimsical Science took a longer hiatus than intended. However, we’re back and ready to get cracking.

So here’s the deal:

We have a few articles lined up, both in FMA Chemistry and Pokebiology!

We are also developing some study sheets that should help people with equations and basic concepts (gotta get ready for finals, right?).

Finally! Pokebiology 101 will be presented at Anime Boston (March 31-April 1)! So keep an eye out for times/rooms!

Thanks for sticking it out,

Connie and the rest of the Whimsical Science team


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