Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Whimsical Science?

I chose the name Whimsical Science because it is my personal belief that science should always have some sort of fun aspect. I also strongly believe that you should be able to explain a concept in multiple ways- including with fandom! It’s a lot easier to introduce what might be initially complex topics with something that includes those same topics but is in a very friendly shape. Pokemon and Biology is an excellent example of this!

Who are you and why are you talking about science?


Are your study guides free? 

They are free to use BUT if you happen to use it in a paper or some other official academic setting PLEASE cite it properly using EasyBib or some other method. Printouts are fine if you need them in your binder! DO. NOT. USE. THEM. TO. CHEAT. 🙂

What Conventions do you plan to present at?

We have presented at ConnectiCon and Anime Boston, and unless Anime Boston falls on Easter, plan to return to both. Applications have been placed in for ConnectiCon 2017!